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Feb 13, 2020 2:00:21 PM
1 Coin Ninja CEO Arrested for Allegedly Laundering $311M With Bitcoin Privacy Tools

The CEO of Bitcoin media site Coin Ninja and founder of crypto wallet provider DropBit has been arrested for allegedly laundering $311 million with Bitcoin tools

Feb 13, 2020 11:08:00 AM

2 Could a Digital Dollar Compete on Privacy? Fed Chairman Powell Hints It Might

Fed Chairman Powell has given financial privacy advocates a glimmer of hope – and hinted at how the U.S. might competitively position a digitized dollar.
Feb 13, 2020 12:15:17 AM

3 Retail Investors Aren’t Interested in Crypto Derivatives, Says eToro Executive

eToro isn't too worried about a potential U.K. ban on crypto derivatives, its U.K. managing director told CoinDesk.
Feb 12, 2020 3:30:49 PM

4 Circle Sells Retail Trading App to Crypto Broker Voyager

Voyager plans to convert 40,000 Circle Invest accounts to its own platform by the end of next month, but promises little disruption to customer experience.
Feb 12, 2020 3:06:44 PM

5 Price Analysis Feb 12: BTC, ETH, XRP, BCH, BSV, LTC, EOS, BNB, XTZ, ADA

Many cryptocurrencies are overbought in the short-term, hence, traders should consider buying the dip if a pullback occurs in the next few days

Feb 12, 2020 6:10:00 PM

6 DTCC Seeks Blockchain-Focused Security Framework for Financial Sector

Market infrastructure giant DTCC recommends the creation of a comprehensive, blockchain-specific Security Framework for the financial services industry

Feb 13, 2020 11:44:00 AM

7 IRS Does Not Consider Fortnite Money as Virtual Currency After All

The IRS seems to have struck certain video game currencies and Ether from its list of examples of convertible virtual currency

Feb 13, 2020 1:32:00 PM

8 Bitcoin Price Suddenly Drops $300 in 1 Hour After $10,500 Rejection

Bears have put a stop to Bitcoin gains for a second time this week as $10,500 sees clear rejection

Feb 13, 2020 8:49:00 AM

9 Top Soccer Club FC Barcelona Launching Crypto Token for Fan Engagement

The record-breaking soccer club teamed with blockchain firm Chiliz to launch the crypto token seeking greater engagement with fans.
Feb 13, 2020 9:21:21 AM

10 Libra Minus Facebook: Why Celo Is 2020’s Buzzy Token Project

With $30 million from Polychain and a16z, here's how the buzzy Celo plans to rival Libra on financial inclusion.
Feb 12, 2020 6:30:28 PM

11 Conservative U.S. Think Tank Denies Need for Federal Digital Currency

The government should ensure consumers can use the preferred currency instead of launching a digital currency, according to U.S. think tank the Heritage Foundation

Feb 12, 2020 5:42:00 PM

12 Botched Iowa Caucuses Won't Cast Shadow Over Blockchain Voting

Despite several political pundits claiming that blockchain is unfit for voting-related purposes, the technology has been successfully implemented in West Virginia, Denver and Oregon

Feb 13, 2020 3:00:00 AM

13 Mastercard and Ripple’s Xpring Join Industry Group to Promote Blockchain Education

Mastercard, the innovation arms of Ripple and Binance and eight other firms joined a group supporting blockchain education in universities worldwide.
Feb 13, 2020 4:30:00 AM

14 Circle Founder: Digital Currencies at Key Growth Moment as Governments Take Notice

Jeremy Allaire sees governments and industry finally taking blockchain seriously. That's a big deal.
Feb 12, 2020 6:00:00 PM

15 $400 Drop: Bitcoin Faces Further Downside After Rejection at Price Hurdle

Having rapidly dropped from $10,500 on Thursday, bitcoin could be staring at deeper losses.
Feb 13, 2020 10:09:34 AM

16 Puppets, Pundits and Partnerships: Why Crypto Sentiment and Prices Are Soaring

With blockchain puppets (we really mean it) on TV, CNBC pushing the bitcoin-as-gold narrative and The Guardian seeing connections between coronavirus and bitcoin's recent rally, we've got a lot to talk about on today's episode of The Breakdown.
Feb 12, 2020 8:00:00 PM

17 Kraken Announces New OTC Electronic Dashboard to Let Traders Get Automated Price Quotes in Seconds – Available February 13th

Kraken is excited to announce a new tool designed to boost ease-of-use for our growing OTC user base, an automated Request For Quote (RFQ) dashboard. Starting February 13th at approximately 17:00 UTC, all of our OTC customers will be able to: Request quotes for buy…

The post Kraken Announces New OTC Electronic Dashboard to Let Traders Get Automated Price Quotes in Seconds – Available February 13th appeared first on Kraken Blog.

Feb 12, 2020 2:30:32 PM

18 Ohio Resident Charged With Laundering $311M in Bitcoin for AlphaBay

Ohio resident Larry Dean Harmon, 36, has been charged with laundering more than $300 million in bitcoin for darknet marketplace AlphaBay.
Feb 12, 2020 7:49:07 PM

19 IRS Refused to Clarify That Its Crypto Tax Guidance Isn’t Binding, US Watchdog Says

The IRS has refused to clarify that part of its 2019 guidance on tax treatment of cryptocurrencies is not binding, a government watchdog said.
Feb 12, 2020 11:55:19 PM

20 Crypto Market Cap Hits $300 Billion But Bitcoin Dominance Down 6% YTD

The crypto market cap reaches a new milestone at $300 billion but will traders be able to hold $10.3K?

Feb 12, 2020 9:40:00 PM

21 The Revival of General Partnerships in the Age of Tokenomics, Part 1

The easiest way to launch a startup is in the form of a general partnership

Feb 13, 2020 7:47:00 AM

22 China Takes Additional Steps to Digitise the Renminbi

The People’s Bank of China files for multiple patents related to digital currency

Feb 13, 2020 4:34:00 AM

23 A Mailbomber in the Netherlands Wants a BTC Payment to Stop Blowing Things Up

Police won’t reveal how much the bomber is asking for to stop

Feb 12, 2020 9:33:00 PM

24 Six Out of Forbes Top 50 Fintech Companies for 2020 Are in Blockchain

Forbes listed six blockchain and bitcoin companies among its the top 50 fintech firms of 2020

Feb 12, 2020 8:39:00 PM

25 US Treasury Secretary Promises ‘Significant New Requirements’ on Cryptocurrency

Cryptocurrency remains a political issue in the United States

Feb 13, 2020 6:39:00 AM

26 Daily Market Report for February 12 2020

February 12 2020 KRAKEN DIGITAL ASSET EXCHANGE $127M traded across all markets today Crypto, EUR, USD, JPY, CAD, GBP  BTC $10,390 ↑1.30% $120M ETH $270.5 ↑1.31% $97.8M XTZ $3.34 ↑5.05% $21.4M XRP $0.3025 ↑0.54% $19.7M BCH $477.4 ↑2.77% $6.93M LTC $81.88 ↑5.39% $6.45M USDT $1.00 ↑0.16% $4.16M XMR $93.8 ↑3.45% $2.63M XLM $0.0811 ↑0.10% $2.5M ADA $0.0697 ↑1.79% $2.49M EOS $5.40 ↑5.49% $1.87M DASH $134.8 ↑9.00% $1.53M ETC $12.28 ↑1.64% $1.16M ATOM $5.20 ↓1.88% $729,286 REP $17.86 ↑2.10% $702,568 ZEC $74.1 ↑3.72% $456,617 QTUM $2.86 ↑3.59% $446,159 DOGE $0.0031 ↑11.6% $235,747 GNO $18.65 ↑1.74% $122,399 MLN $6.00 ↑2.19% $29,026 Visit the About section on our blog for more information about the Kraken Daily Market Report here.

The post Daily Market Report for February 12 2020 appeared first on Kraken Blog.

Feb 12, 2020 10:03:22 PM

27 US Financial Crimes Watchdog Preparing ‘Significant’ Crypto Rules, Warns Treasury Secretary Mnuchin

U.S. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin said FinCEN is preparing "significant new requirements" around cryptocurrencies to tamp down illicit activity.
Feb 12, 2020 8:59:16 PM

28 Wells Fargo Invests $5M in Startup Connecting Crypto Exchanges and Banks

Banking giant Wells Fargo is backing blockchain forensics firm Elliptic.
Feb 13, 2020 1:00:00 PM

29 Options Protocol Brings ‘Insurance’ to DeFi Deposits on Compound

A company called Opyn is bringing trustless insurance to the Compound DeFi protocol.
Feb 12, 2020 9:00:14 PM

30 Coinbase Revives Margin Trading, With Conservative (for Crypto) 3x Leverage

Coinbase is rolling out margin trading retail and institutional investors in the U.S. and nine other countries, offering a light 3x leverage to traders.
Feb 12, 2020 7:32:23 PM

31 US Defense Contractor Seeks Cryptocurrency Exploiters

U.S.-based intelligence services firm BAE Systems, Inc., is looking for so called cryptocurrency exploiters

Feb 12, 2020 3:47:00 PM

32 A New Partnership Lets Institutional Investors Play OTC Crypto Markets

SFOX’s institutional investor clients can access the OTC crypto market with a single point of access

Feb 12, 2020 10:45:00 PM

33 Bitcoin Miner Canaan’s Shares Valued at $8.04 After Surging 80%

The first major bitcoin miner to go public on the US stock market rebounded slightly after a drop in the fourth quarter

Feb 13, 2020 5:30:00 AM

34 Bitcoin News Roundup for Feb. 12, 2020

With bitcoin above $10,000 Markets Daily is back with our news roundup, plus a brief interview with CoinDesk senior markets reporter Brad Keoun.
Feb 12, 2020 5:00:00 PM

35 Aragon Court Is Now in Session for Global Decentralized Judgements

Decentralized Aragon Court is now in session, dispensing judgments across its digital jurisdiction

Feb 12, 2020 5:51:00 PM

36 North Korea Is Expanding Its Monero Mining Operations, Says Report

North Korea may be boosting its monero mining efforts to circumvent sanctions and avoid being tracked.
Feb 12, 2020 2:25:54 PM

37 Reuters to Provide Fact-Checking for Facebook Amid 2020 US Presidential Elections

Reuters has formed a dedicated unit fact-check user-generated content on Facebook

Feb 12, 2020 7:06:00 PM

38 Santander Hires Former Apple Pay Exec to Lead P2P Payments

The new hire formerly helped lead the launches of both Apple Card and Apple Pay.
Feb 13, 2020 11:55:25 AM

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